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U miratua Projektligji për festat zyrtare në Republikën e Kosovës

Posted on 24 May 2008 by dârdha

E Premte, 23.05.2008

Pas takimesh mbledhjesh gati permanente të Komisionit ad hoc parlamentar për shqyrtimin e projektligjeve nga Propozimi i Marti Ahtisaarit dhe konsultimeve të vazhdueshme me presidentin Sejdiu, kryeministrin Thaçi, kryeparlamentarin Krasniqi dhe faktorët ndërkombëtarë në Kosovë, lidhur me plotësimin e kalendarit të festave, deputetët e Kuvendit miratuan Ligjin për festat zyrtare në Republikën e Kosovës.

Ligji është pasuruar me dy amendamente, kurse festave shtetërore të Kosovës i janë shtuar edhe ditët memoriale: 28 Nëntori – dita e shqiptareve, 12 Qershori – dita e paqes, 6 Marsi – dita e Përkujtimit dhe e Respektit për Veteranet, 23 Prilli – dita e turqve, 8 Prilli – dita e romeve, 15 Shkurti – dita e ashkalinjëve, 28 Shtatori – dita e boshnjakeve dhe 6 Maji – dita e goranëve.

Ditët tjera memoriale përcaktohen nga Qeveria e Republikës se Kosovës në konsultim me Presidentin e Republikës Kosovës, nga të cilat dy ditë në konsultim me komunitetin serb të Kosovës – theksohet në raportin e Komisionit ad hok, të cilin para deputetëve e ka prezantuar, Fehmi Mujota, kryetar i komisionit.

Raporti i Komisionit është miratuar me shumicë votash të deputetëve të pranishëm në seancë, siç është miratuar edhe ligji në tërësi.

Popularity: 20% [?]

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  1. Gail Says:

    Is it true they approved 21 days official holidays for Kosovo? Compare UK 8 days, USA 10 days, Ger 15 days, Poland 11, Switz 8+6, Italy 11, Austria 14, Albania 8, Serbia 8…

    With the Ashkali day being 15 Feb 2 days before Independence on 17 Feb, you can expect an unofficial imbetween day being taken of 16 Feb.

    So that will be 22 days or nearly 2 days every month! Every other week will be a 4 day week.

    Does anyone intend to do any work here and lift the economy out of the doldrums or is the Government just thinking of itself by voting itself yet more holidays for the taxpayers to pay for.

    So the government will do 4 day weeks most of the time (not much difference there then..). Unfortuately this covers the private sector too.
    Under the law employers must grant 18 days leave PLUS national holidays that’s 39 days leave or nearly 4 days a month.

    Many other countries cope with multi-ethnicity and several religions without giving everyone each others’ religious or ethnic holidays or creating days for every ethnic group.

    For example there is a large Hindu, Muslim and Jewish population in UK and US. They have an entitlement to take their major holidays (the employer can not refuse) but they count towards their leave days.

    Bosnia has a good solution – everyone gets 2 days religious days to take as leave.

    So the majority wanted 28 November off – to solve that by giving every ethnic group a day is a bit silly. If you want to do that though then you have to cut back on the religious holidays.

    Oh well. I go back to filling out my Kosovo tax form.

    Sorry I wrote this in English by the way.

  2. Agron Says:

    This is stupid. This means the government, banks, police, municipalities etc. are all closed regardless of what ethnic groups holiday it is.

    If Kosovo nation wants a new identity this is not the way to do it.

    I understand they did this as an easy way to close the issue, but it is very bad in the long run and they will see it. But how are they going to take away one ethnic groups holiday? It will immediately be considered a discriminatory act. And they will never be able to put enough votes together to remove all ethnic holidays. One again, this was stupid.

    There should be ONE and only ONE – KOSOVAR DAY.

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